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What We Are All About

You may have heard of churches of Christ and wondered what we teach or how we may differ from other religious groups. You may have even been told things about us and have formed an opinion of us. Please give me a moment of your time to set the record straight.

     Historically, churches of Christ believe in "New Testament" Christianity as the only kind established in word and principle by the authority of God. The New Testament is the Christian's charter of faith and practice. No other revelation, ancient or modern, can compare with the authority of the Scriptures penned by those men who were inspired by God's Holy Spirit. Since those Scriptures are our only authority, they should and do contain patterns for all that we do as Christians to glorify God through Jesus Christ. This must include all methods in which we work, worship, organize ourselves, name ourselves and, of course, how we are to live. Anything more than the Scriptures is unnecessary and unauthorized, and anything less is not nearly enough.

     We, therefore, seek to RESTORE those New Testament patterns in all their simplicity and purity and live by them. We reject denominationalism and sectarianism as divisive to Christian unity being a violation of Christ's call to unity (John 17:20-21) and that which bound believers together in fellowship in the New Testament Age of which we read about in the Bible (see also 1 Corinthians 1:10). We invite you to do so as well, for "if we do what they did, we will be what they were," and they were Christians only.

   Please do not be fooled by appearances. Buildings, decorations, titles, activities, a "numbers game" and even sincerity of heart, are not what matters. God wants us to love Him and we prove that by obedience to Jesus Christ (John 14:15). In doing that, no matter if we stand alone or with a million others, then we can know we have pleased Him and have performed our duty as His servants. That is our goal and our plea at Green County Church of Christ.

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